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I am still alive

I was taking a break from LJ for a while. Looking into better journaling options since the community on here continues to fade. Not sure if I want to take all my posts somewhere else and just post in a private forum, or do I want to continue a public journal. At this point I am not sure but will be continuing to think about it.

Anyway things are good for me right now. Will post a longer post sometime this weekend.

New Job and Walking the Path

I am about to start my third week at the new job. So far it's going quite well. I really enjoy the people that I am working with and the things I am doing. So far so good.

I always said once I get a job I will use all the time that I spent job hunting to better myself. So far that plan is going good as well. I've joined a gym, Teresa and I are eating healthier, and I am working on managing my anxiety more. I dreamed for so long about starting up my self improvement plan again and it feels good to once again be walking that path.

Comic Con and More

Phoenix Comic Con was great this year. The panels last year were better, but this year I did get to see a panel with Jewel Staite. She was very down to earth and seemed like a genuinely good person who loves the fans and what she gets to do. Other highlights of the con were, having Teresa be able to come for a day and experience it with me. It was so nice to have her there by my side. This was her first con, and she had a great time. I was so happy to share this part of my life with her. Next year she wants to cos-play with me, which sounds really fun. Another highlight was randomly walking into a Joss Whedon trivia panel, and walking out with second place. I had originally scheduled to go to a different panel, but said might as well try my hand, and well ended up almost winning. The final highlight was seeing a geeky burlesque show with Teresa. It was a great show, but sorta awkward to watch other women strip in front of me and have your fiance next to you. Though she was enjoying it just as much as I was, which surprised me. Overall great con.

I am sitting here knowing I wanted to post about something more recent then Comic Con, but not being able to remember what it was. I need to post here more often as to not lose my memories. Guess there wasn't more to this post then Comic Con.


At Phoenix Comic Con

So sitting waiting for a panel to start. I am so excited for the first time Teresa is able to come to comic con. So happy that she finally gets to experience this place. I am so happy with her and thankful she is in my life.

Engagement, Vacation, Birthday, and Life

Back from vacation, engaged and well rested. Lots of stuff is bouncing around my head that I want to write down, so I'll just write what comes to me. I wrote this entry in pieces, and yes I know it's long but a lot happened and I tried to get as much down as I could to remember as much as I could.

The proposal was really nice, everyone said I did a great job. Here's what I did. Teresa's parents were scheduled to come over for dinner on Friday night. On Friday I work from home and so does her mom. So I drove over to her house, and asked her if I could have her daughters hand in marriage. I asked her mother not father, because she really doesn't talk to her father much and told me to instead ask her mother. I celebrated with her mom for a while, showed her the ring and went back home. Teresa came home and then began prepping for the dinner. While she was still in the prepping stage I told her I had an early birthday present for her, that would be very helpful for her cooking that night. I then got the "present" for her. The "present" was an apron with Mrs. "My Last Name" embroidered on it, she already agreed to take my last name. After I slipped it over her head and she realized what it said I got down on one knee behind her. I said look in the pocket, which contained the ring. I asked her to marry me and she said yes. We both kissed, cried and hugged. It was a really sweet moment, and I am so glad to have her as a fiance. After we spent a moment together I called her parents they came over and we went out to dinner to celebrate. It was such a good night and she said I could not have done it better.

On Saturday the 4th we left for our vacation. We drove all day Saturday to Six Flags Magic Mountain. We got a hotel room for the night and then in the morning headed to the park.

Magic Mountain was so amazing. Not quite Cedar Point, but a solid park with a lot of good coasters. Teresa made sure we got treated as VIPs since an amazing day was my birthday present. We got valet parking, and got to cut in all the lines. It was a truly amazing day with an amazing woman. Here are the coasters I went on and a short review of each.
X2 - One of the best coasters I've been on. It did controlled chaos better then any other coaster. A true masterpiece of a coaster.
Viper - A standard sit-down coaster with some loops. Good but nothing to stand out from the rest of them.
Batman - A very small and short inverted coaster. It was not as good as Raptor.
Goliath - A super-coaster, good air-time and very solid ride.
Scream - A floor-less coaster that was quite large. Very good and one of the better ones at the park.
Tatsu - A coaster where your on your back with your front facing down to capture the feeling of flying. Really unqiue design that made you feel like you were flying. A great coaster.
Riddler's Revenge - This was a short but good stand-up coaster.
Colossus - A good wooden coaster.
Ninja - Teresa's favorite coaster, and a very good inverted cart coaster.

It was a day of thrills, and the rest of the week was relaxing with my fiance.

After a day of thrills we took the next day to relax and explore Coroado Island. It was a great relaxing day.
On Tuesday we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was really cool to see so many different animals. Got some great pictures and enjoyed a day just walking around.

The rest of the days were so nice, we spent time relaxing in the hotel and walking around the island. We spent one afternoon at the beach, and another in a park. We went to expensive restaurants and really treated ourselves to an amazing trip because we do not get vacations together often.

Upon getting back to Arizona we spent Friday relaxing and Saturday helping Teresa's sister with her yardsale where we were able to sell some of our stuff as well. Sunday was Mother's Day with Teresa's parents and siblings. We sat by the pool and relaxed in the hot tub.

Jumping ahead to my Birthday which was this past Tuesday the 14th. Teresa and I forgot that a while ago we invited her cousin and girlfriend over for dinner. So we decided to invite them over and we spent the night watching movies and playing board games. Was a great time since Teresa made my favorite dish, a tomato cream sauce over pasta with steak pieces in it. Oh man was it good. On Wednesday we celebrated by birthday proper by going to my favorite local brewery and having a great meal.

This past Saturday was board games, and heading to one of Teresa's cousins birthday parties. Played a lot of cool games, and got to try out one of my new ones City of Remnants. It was really good.

Yesterday was spent getting stuff done around the house and then relaxing by the pool with Teresa.

Overall things are going quite well. Teresa and I have been doing brainstorming for the wedding and have quite a few ideas, but don't yet have a venue or date.

April in Media

Still reading Cloud Atlas

The Host :: 3/5 :: 4-1
Butter :: 3/5 :: 4-2
Oz the great and powerful :: 1/5 :: 4-7
I believe that this movie is misogynistic. Oz does not deserve anything, and he really doesn't redeem himself by the end. Everything is bad, the acting, CG, plot, etc. You could clearly tell almost everything is shot on a green screen. The actors didn't mesh with the background at all. It was just so bad.
Friends with Kids :: 3/5 :: 4-21
Bully :: 4-22 :: 5/5
A very powerful documentary. This should be required watching for every child.
Pain and Gain :: 4/5 :: 4-27
Michael Bay's most dramatic and thought provoking movie. Full of energy and great dark humor.

Starcraft 2
Well the day has come almost. Barring the mail fucking up right now I plan on proposing to Teresa on Friday. The ring is currently in the mail and as long as it gets here on time I am going forward with it on Friday. I have a plan all thought out and everything should go smoothly. I am ready for this, it's been 3 wonderful years with her. I am so happy to be marrying my best friend.

Well after that not sure what can follow that news. Anyway we are finally moved in and have everything hung on the walls. I will be posting a video tour on Friday since I have to clean the place a little before I post a video. It truly feels like home and is very much Teresa and I.

So I'm right now trying to round out my board game collection. Make it a polished collection which touches all the main board game genres that I enjoy. In that vein I posted to Reddit seeking help. It was an interesting experience. Here's a link to the post. Got a few new ideas about what to get. I am trying to keep my collection at no larger then 50 games, yet like I said have a game from each major genre.

I am so excited for Teresa's and I vacation next week. We leave on Saturday for Six Flags Magic Mountain. We are spending one day there and then heading down to enjoy a week in San Diego. Should be a nice and relaxing trip. We both need a break from shit. Her from her job, and me from job hunting. Job hunting for this long has just been so draining and stressful. I am currently waiting for a company to make a decision after an interview. I just hope I get the job so I can stop job hunting. Will be nice just to relax with Teresa for a full week.

Lots to finish and plan before we leave, but once everything is done Friday and the next week will be so nice.

Apr. 9th, 2013


Currently Reading Cloud Atlas

Spring Breakers :: 2/5 :: 3-26
I don't understand why people have been raving about this movie. There is almost no character development, and no plot.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception :: 4/5 :: 3-2
Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm :: 5/5 :: 3-19
Beat the campaign yesterday. The missions were very varied, but the story seemed a little lacking. Can't wait to dive into the multiplayer.
Bioshock : Infinite :: 5/5 :: 3-30
What an amazing game and work of art. It surpasses the original in every way, better story, better combat, better suspense, better everything. Although it does have some flaws such as a few bugs, animation glitches and such, it is truly a work of art.

Dream: Dexter Vampire Hunter

I haven't been posting my dreams as much as I used too. I realize that not everyone finds them interesting, but I don't care.

So the dream last night was pretty awesome it was about Dexter stabbing a killer. The killer doesn't die when Dexter stabs him and escapes. Dexter realizes that this must be a vampire and they are real. He tracks this vampire and stakes him through the heart. He then realizes this is a way to kill something that is ruthless and will hurt others. He knows know that he must become Dexter Vampire Hunter. He then gets a case in Louisiana and knows that vampires are around. He begins hunting and killing all the vampires from True Blood. It is quite awesome. It ended with him wrapping Russell Edgington, a main villain of True Blood, in silver chains and saying the world will be so much better without you. He then stabbed him through the heart with a stake. Then my alarm went off. I must say Dexter crossed with True Blood, or just Dexter as a vampire hunter is a show that I would gladly watch.


Moving Soon!

We got a early move in date! Pending Teresa's work schedule we will be moving in next weekend to our new apartment. I can't wait to be in there and have our own place. As long as Teresa has next Sunday off we shall move in and be all set.